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  • Avoir les portugaises ensablées

    Avoir les portugaises ensablées

    In making this Speak Easy puzzle I very much enjoyed learning the origin of « Avoir les portugaises ensablées » via the wonderful website Expressio. The expression means to be deaf, so indeed I was intrigued to know how deafness and Portugal are related. The origin goes back to the a slang term for ear (oreille) from […]Read More - Lire la suite
  • When the French are less French

    When the French are less French

    When the French are less French This is the installment that our French hosts, cousins, counterparts, entourage have dreaded. When the French are less French. (We offer it, however, with tender feelings, hoping that will matter.) For years, FUSAC’s Hints for Newcomers–Hindsights for Oldtimers column has explored Anglo-French cultural and linguistic differences, the behavior and […]Read More - Lire la suite
  • More French entrepreneur families

    More French entrepreneur families

    French entrepreneur families are the names you see on the streets and on brands that are familiar they are Inventors and business people. Here’s their story. The Despature Family – Damart Thermolactyl More than 400 million pieces of Thermolactyl clothing have been sold since its invention in 1953. The story began with the Despature brothers […]Read More - Lire la suite
  • Remembering D-Day, 78 years later

    Remembering D-Day, 78 years later

    D-DAY  –  JUNE 6, 1944 : « Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen of Allied Expeditionary Force! You are about to embark upon the Great crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you… I have full confidence in […]Read More - Lire la suite
  • American author in Paris Jake Lamar

    American author in Paris Jake Lamar

    This is the second part of our interview with American author in Paris Jake Lamar, his editor calls him the most French of the Americans. Here’s how he does his craft. For part one of American author in Paris see this link Q: Do you have a writing routine, or any quirky routines while you […]Read More - Lire la suite
  • Birds in Paris and Speak Easy

    Birds in Paris and Speak Easy

    A few years ago I started noticing birds and now the city is full of nature. Birds are everywhere, including in the city, if you just look and listen a little more closely. Here are a few of the birds you can see in Paris. Two of my favorites are the tiniest and busiest. The European […]Read More - Lire la suite