The Encyclopedia of Thriller writers

At the Book Room, we know the importance of a good thriller and especially, the right thriller at the right time, so to help you choose we wrote a short encyclopedia of thriller writers, some background about each one, their writing style and their best-known characters and series. All you have to do is decide which one best suits your mood! The encyclopedia will be published in installments. The first part focuses on American Thriller writers - a surprising number of whom come from New Jersey! Future installments will focus on British, Scandinavian and any others you request in the comment section. Let us know who you think we should include. To see which of these Thriller writers is currently in stock (we have tons!) at the Book Room you can browse our inventory online here. Michael Connelly Born in Philadelphia in 1956, majored in journalism and after graduating in 1980, worked at newspapers in Daytona Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, primarily specializing in…
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English Books Paris: New at Bill & Rosa’s Book Room

Each week in the Book Room online, we recommend newly published English books that we love. 

This week's new books recommended by Bill & Rosa are perfect for summer in France.

C’EST CA LA FRANCE ! "Donnez-moi la main, je vous emmène dans votre pays." dit le français Frédéric Hermel qui vit en Espagne depuis près de trente ans mais reste profondément attaché à ses racines : la France et son Pas-de-Calais natal. Exilé volontaire, il visite dans cet ouvrage les petits et grands trésors de notre pays, ces merveilles du quotidien qui marquent notre différence mais que, souvent, nous ne savons plus voir ni apprécier. Chaque chapitre est construit comme un tableau dans lequel l’auteur brosse avec tendresse le portrait d’une particularité typiquement française : les bals du 14 Juillet, la passion du pain, le vouvoiement, le parfum, mais aussi les poèmes de Victor Hugo qu’on apprend à l’école ou l’attente fébrile du passage du Tour de France… Tous ces tableaux form…

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Saint Denis: Two types of kings

Follow the red line from the sacred to the profane in the town of Saint Denis where there are two types of kings; from the Basilique Saint Denis, the burial place of the kings of France to the Stade de France where the kings of football play.

The metro runs to the foot of the Basilica then there is a red line traced on the sidewalks between these two monuments so you won't get lost in the spaghetti of Saint Denis and the autoroutes. From the Stade de France there are a choice of well marked metros to get you back home or you can continue to walk along the Canal Saint Denis to Porte de la Villette.

Take an audio guide tour of the Basilica and learn about the kings of France, and funerary monuments  as well as Gothic architecture. The Basilica is a major work of Gothic art, this church was the first to place a great importance on light, a symbol of divinity. It was  designed b…

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Gigantic numbers – just try to count that high!

1000 billion or one trillion? It's the same thing, but it depends who you ask. In any case they are gigantic numbers. While reading an article recently in the French press where the budgets are flying through the roof again I saw the figure 1000 milliard and wondered why the journalist used that method for writing the figure, why not use trillion. In any case they are gigantic numbers. Well come to find out the French, the British (who finally agree on something with the French) and most of the rest of the world have different words than the U.S. (nothing new here, especially when it comes to measurement) for expressing these giant numbers. To try to understand the terms here is a list of them. As you will note the system for naming numbers used in the U.S. is not as logical as that used in other countries (like Great Britain, France, and Germany). In these countries, a billion - bi meaning two and -llion referring to million - logically has twice as many zeros as a million, …
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Les Livres français au English Book Room

Comme Bill & Rosa's English Book Room est en France nous mettons en avance parfois des livres qui nous plaisent en français. Et quand il s'agit des livres sur l'ouest américain nous en sommes ravis. Voici une belle brochette. DENALI Dans les territoires immenses du Montana, Matt Weldon, adolescent livré à lui-même et maltraité par l’existence, tente de renouer avec ses origines. Il fouille le passé d’un père décédé dans l’ascension du mont Denali et d’une mère internée. Il découvre au fil des jours une vie qu’il ne soupçonnait pas, partagé entre admiration et stupeur. Incontrôlable et dévasté, son grand frère Jack est envahi par une rage qui le met en travers de sa quête et le conduit à commettre l’irréparable. Entre nature writing, roman noir et thriller, Denali est un roman envoûtant. Comme Matt, le lecteur est aux prises avec la rudesse du monde rural et autarcique qui habite cette aventure, ne trouvant du répit que dans les instants où l’osmose avec une nature gran…
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Made in France: A long history and current products

Made in France: A long history and current products When you think made in France you perhaps first think of food, then of luxury, then maybe of industry. France has a long history of creation of wonderful products and inventions such as the chip in your credit card, the minitel, which preceeded the internet, watches and knives. FUSAC has selected a few of our favorite historical products that are still made in France as well as some new concepts.  Cocorrico! as they say! Bilum You probably never wondered what happens to all of the huge canvas posters used to present exhibitions when the exhibition is over. Or what happens to lifejackets from AirFrance flights at the end of their lives. Or how about the shirts worn for just one game by the PSG. Well Bilum, founded in 2005 by Hélène de La Moureyre, has teamed up with the museums, exhibition halls, AirFrance and the PSG and many others to create bags and pouches of all sorts from their « waste ». A made in France prod…
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Rosa Bonheur

Rosa Bonheur, Broad with a Brush

Does the name Rosa Bonheur mean anything to you ? Hint: She was the most well-known female French painter in the 19th century, the first woman painter to receive the Legion of Honor (presented by the Empress Eugenia herself). Still no bells? She painted animals. Still no idea? Well don't feel bad it seems most French people don't know who she is either. In fact despite being French, born in Bordeaux, growing up in Paris and then living in a château with menagerie on the edge of the Fontainbleau forest, she was in fact more well known and her paintings were more appreciated by the English and Americans. She was so famous at the time that Queen Victoria, who had a love for animals as well, requested Rosa visit her. It is even hard to find her paintings in French museums. Many were sold into private collections and some are now seen in American museums. But she is very much worth knowing especially if you have a fondness for animals…

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