Book Room Events

Book Room Events

    • 03 December 16:00 Award-winning author Natacha Henry will discuss her historical novel, The French Painter and the American Showman: The Unlikely Friendship of Rosa Bonheur and Buffalo Bill, the true story of a magnificent friendship between France’s best-known animal painter and the US’s best-known showman. Please sign up at
    • 10 December 16:00 Opening of the « Déclenchements » photo exhibition, photos by Piotr Grudzinski, the photos are for sale during and after the opening. Please sign up at
    • 21 January 16:00 Rachel Kapelke-Dale, author of  The Ballerinas, will be at the Book Room for a reading and discussion of her latest novel, The Ingenue, a twisted suspenseful tale of love and vengeance. Please sign up at

Upcoming Book Room events. Keep your eye on this space for dates and details.

  • Old book craft workshops, Pop-up card making from old books, Mobile making. Textile workshops, Children’s story time, wine tasting

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book room events

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