American author in Paris Jake Lamar

This is the second part of our interview with American author in Paris Jake Lamar, his editor calls him the most French of the Americans. Here's how he does his craft.

For part one of American author in Paris see this link

Q: Do you have a writing routine, or any quirky routines while you write?

A: Music is first and foremost. I kept my bachelor’s apartment after I met my wife. I met her in 1996, at that time I had a small studio apartment in Montmartre, after we moved in together I kept that apartment as my office. I have a separate place where I work. We live in the 18th arrondissement together, but my office is about 5-7 minutes away. When I’m there, I’m in my sacred work space. I usually start work in the afternoon. I haven’t been able to have a regular writing pattern for years. Back in the 90s, I had a generous grant and back then, writers could live from publisher’s advances, but those days are over. During my fi…

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Bill & Rosa’s Book Room

What is Bill & Rosa's Book Room ? 

First of all, for us, a Book Room is a comfortable place to spend some time. Think of it as the reading lounge on the ocean liners of yore. Our maître-mots are

Read, Write, Relax. Buy, Borrow, Donate.

Bill & Rosa's Book Room has several aspects. It is first a USED BOOK SHOP and a LENDING LIBRARY. There are many novels of all genres for sale plus non-fiction, biographies, history, some poetry, cookbooks, cats, books on Paris or France, memoirs and children's books. Most books are in English, but also in French and even a few bilingual. Prices start at just 2€.

The lending library has four sections :

The Sylvie and Henry Noullet Library: novels mostly in English Bill and Rosa's Library of the American West includes novels, non-fiction and art books…
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English Books Paris: What’s New at Bill & Rosa’s Book Room

Each week in the Book Room online, we recommend newly published books that we love. 

CELUI QUI VEILLE Dakota du Nord, 1953. Thomas Wazhashk, veilleur de nuit dans l’usine de pierres d’horlogerie proche de la réserve de Turtle Mountain, n’est pas près de fermer l’œil. Il est déterminé à lutter contre le projet du gouvernement fédéral censé « émanciper » les Indiens, car il sait bien que ce texte est en réalité une menace pour les siens. Contrairement aux autres jeunes employées chippewas de l’usine, Pixie, la nièce de Thomas, ne veut pour le moment ni mari ni enfants. Pressée de fuir un père alcoolique, insensible aux sentiments du seul professeur blanc de la réserve comme à ceux d’un jeune boxeur indien, elle brûle de partir à Minneapolis retrouver sa sœur aînée, dont elle est sans nouvelles. Pour « celui qui veille », n’ayant de cesse d’écrire aux sénateurs dans le but d’empêcher l’adoption de la loi, quitte à se rendre lui-même à Washington, comme po…

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Interview with American writer Jake Lamar

American writer Jake Lamar visited Bill & Rosa's Book Room on March 12 to discuss his latest novel, Viper’s Dream. He is an American author who has lived in Paris for almost 30 years, he teaches creative writing at Sciences Po and is the author of a memoir, seven novels, numerous essays, reviews and short stories and a play. He is also the recipient of several prestigious prizes, among which the Lyndhurst Prize and France’s Grand Prize for best foreign thriller. This is the first part of our interview with him:

Q: You started out as a journalist for Time Magazine, so my question is, have you always wanted to be a writer and have you always known you wanted to write ficiton?

A: I’ve known since the age of 12 that I wanted to be a writer and that I wanted to write fiction. The job at Time Magazine was just a way to make a living as a writer. I went to Harvard and majored in American History and Literature, I wrote for the Harvard Crimson…

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Earth Day Kid’s Books

This weekend we celebrate not only Earth Day, on April 22nd, but also Independent Bookstore Day on April 23rd! Bill & Rosa’s Book Room is taking part in this year’s Fête de la Librairie Indépendante, come by to browse our books, get a handmade paper rose made out of recycled books and buy the book that Association Verbes puts out every year, a special collector edition that will help you discover the literature selections that have influenced 50 writers! To celebrate both Earth Day and Independent Bookstore Day, we have asked other international bookstores in Paris to recommend a few books about ecology for children in French and in English. Their suggestions follow. Best of all Join us at the Book Room on April 23rd at 4pm for a kids story time with Anjali Morard, author of Fortnum’s Night Out, where a crocodile disguises himself as a monster to go to a party, a picture book for kids aged 3 to 7. Please sign up by e-mail at! Librairie Les Mots e…
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Book Room Events

Book Room Events 11 June - 16:00 Author Tendayi O. Chirawu will discuss her last book, The Glitter Horn. Please sign up by e-mail at 18 June - 16:00 Cross stitch workshop. Space is limited, please sign up at Upcoming Book Room events. Keep your eye on this space for dates and details. Old book craft workshops, Pop-up card making from old books, Mobile making. Textile workshops, Children’s story time, wine tasting We'll be closed in August so stock up for the summer now. Read more about the Book Room
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Literary awards in Paris and beyond

What do the above books have in common? They have all won Literary Awards.

And the Winner is...

Announced just a few days ago... Black Spartacus,  the biography by Sudhir Hazareesingh about the underrecognized Toussaint Louverture, is the winner of the 2021 American Library in Paris Book Award. The American Library’s $5,000 literary prize, now in its ninth year, is given to the most distinguished book of the year, encompassing all genres, written and published in English, about France or the French. The award is supported by a generous grant from the Florence Gould Foundation. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of literary awards. They come in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of selection requirements. The biggest prize is over a million US dollars and hosted by the United Arab Emirates. There are local ones such as the American Libary's prize or Le prix du roman jeunesse des bibliothèques du 20e arrondissement. Some are pr…
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The Encyclopedia of Thriller writers

At the Book Room, we know the importance of a good thriller and especially, the right thriller at the right time, so to help you choose we wrote a short encyclopedia of thriller writers, some background about each one, their writing style and their best-known characters and series. All you have to do is decide which one best suits your mood! The encyclopedia is published in installments. The first part focused on American Thriller writers - a surprising number of whom come from New Jersey! The second part is around British thriller writers including 2 Scottish Tartan noir authors. Third part focuses on Scandinavian. Please feel free to request other author profiles in the comment section. Let us know who you think we should include. To see which of these Thriller writers is currently in stock (we have tons!) at the Book Room you can browse our inventory online here. PS: Until 31 January Thrillers (and romances) are 3 for the price of 2! Don't miss out! American Thriller wr…
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