Literary awards in Paris and beyond

What do the above books have in common? They have all won Literary Awards.

And the Winner is...

Announced just a few days ago... Black Spartacus,  the biography by Sudhir Hazareesingh about the underrecognized Toussaint Louverture, is the winner of the 2021 American Library in Paris Book Award. The American Library’s $5,000 literary prize, now in its ninth year, is given to the most distinguished book of the year, encompassing all genres, written and published in English, about France or the French. The award is supported by a generous grant from the Florence Gould Foundation. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of literary awards. They come in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of selection requirements. The biggest prize is over a million US dollars and hosted by the United Arab Emirates. There are local ones such as the American Libary's prize or Le prix du roman jeunesse des bibliothèques du 20e arrondissement. Some are pr…
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The Encyclopedia of Thriller writers

At the Book Room, we know the importance of a good thriller and especially, the right thriller at the right time, so to help you choose we wrote a short encyclopedia of thriller writers, some background about each one, their writing style and their best-known characters and series. All you have to do is decide which one best suits your mood! The encyclopedia is published in installments. The first part focused on American Thriller writers - a surprising number of whom come from New Jersey! The second part is around British thriller writers including 2 Scottish Tartan noir authors. Third part focuses on Scandinavian. Please feel free to request other author profiles in the comment section. Let us know who you think we should include. To see which of these Thriller writers is currently in stock (we have tons!) at the Book Room you can browse our inventory online here. PS: Until 31 January Thrillers (and romances) are 3 for the price of 2! Don't miss out! American Thriller wr…
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Book Room Events

Events in the Book Room 16 February - 19:30: The Book Room will participate in the Evening with an Author Program at the American Library of Paris (7th arr). Jonathan Bloom will discuss the book Genesis and Revision in Modern British and Irish Writers. The book is collection of essays presenting aspects of the creative process, from inspiration to publication and beyond. The essays are varied in content and style, non-academic and accessible for all who are interested in writing. This event will be an opportunity to purchase the book for just 20€ (regular price: 59€). This event is open to the public and is free (suggested donation to the ALP is 10€). Registration for the event is required 5 March - 16:00, World Book Day. Come to the Book Room for a craft workshop and transform old books into flowers. Supplies cost 3€. Please sign up at 12 March - 16:00, talk with Jake Lamar, author of the recently published Viper's Dream, a detective story set b…
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English Books Paris: New at Bill & Rosa’s Book Room

Each week in the Book Room online, we recommend newly published English books that we love. This week we are featuring the theme of Cathedrals with books from the Book Room.

Come join us at The Book Room on 15 January at 16h for a casual discussion in English of the building and development of cathedrals. We'll base our conversation on The Pillars of the Earth, but it is not necessary to have read the book to participate. Please sign up via

The principle of Gothic architecture is infinity made imaginable. When we build, let us think we build forever.

--Samuel Taylor Coleridge

THE PILLARS OF THE EARTHThe Pillars of the Earth is a historical novel by Ken Follett published in 1989 about the building of a cathedral in the fictional town of Kingsbridge, England. Set in the 12th century, the novel covers the time between the sinking of the White Ship and the murder of Thomas Becke…

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Les Livres français au English Book Room

Comme Bill & Rosa's English Book Room est en France nous mettons en avance parfois des livres qui nous plaisent en français. Voici une belle brochette de romans bestseller et lauréants des prix qui se passent aux USA et proposent des différentes facettes du pays. ICI N’EST PLUS ICI « Être indien en Amérique n’a jamais consisté à retrouver notre terre. Notre terre est partout ou nulle part. » À Oakland, dans la baie de San Francisco, les Indiens ne vivent pas sur une réserve mais dans un univers façonné par la rue et par la pauvreté, où chacun porte les traces d’une histoire douloureuse. Pourtant, tous les membres de cette communauté disparate tiennent à célébrer la beauté d’une culture que l’Amérique a bien failli engloutir. À l’occasion d’un grand pow-wow, douze personnages, hommes et femmes, jeunes et moins jeunes, vont voir leurs destins se lier. Ensemble, ils vont faire l’expérience de la violence et de la destruction, comme leurs ancêtres tant de fois avant eux. D…
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Bill & Rosa’s Happy-Go-Lucky Book Club

Bill & Rosa's Happy-Go-Lucky Book Club 1 kilo of surprise books mailed to your door every other month. Find out more. We’ll send you one kilo of hand-picked books from Bill & Rosa’s Book Room every second month for 6 or 12 months. Each package of books is a unique surprise and hopefully serendipitous. You won’t have any idea what it’s going to be until it arrives. All books will be in English, second-hand in good shape. Each pack of 2 or 3 books, depending on their size, will include at least one fiction book and one or 2 books from one of these genres: thrillers, non-fiction, memoir, humor, language, Paris/France, travel, art, science, history, biography - all sorts of things you just might find interesting when they fall into your hands. You'll discover titles and authors you never even knew existed and bring the thrill of a great book right to your doorstep. Not more standing in the stacks hesitating. Leave the choice up to us! If you love books and feel lik…
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Click and Collect at Bill & Rosa’s Book Room

Follow the links below to view pdf files of the current inventory of Bill and Rosa's Book Room. More than 7000 titles!

Available for Click and Collect pick up or delivery, just email with your selection, we'll send you a link for payment via CB (or take check or cash when you get the books) and arrange for pick up. 

Are you in the Yvelines? Free delivery to these towns: Villepreux, Les Clayes-sous-Bois, Plaisir, Feucherolles, St Nom-la-Bretèche, Rennemoulin, Fontenay-le-Fleury, Noisy-le-Grand, Bailly. Minimum order 25€.

Anyone who orders 5+ books will receive a free copy of Elaine Sciolino's La Séduction (A book about France and the French and how seductions of all types, not just sexual, make them tick.)

The inventory list is organized by Sections and within the section by author. To find out more about a particular book you could copy the ISBN number and do an internet search. Nearly all of them …

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Bill & Rosa’s Book Room

What is Bill & Rosa's Book Room ? 

First of all, for us, a Book Room is a comfortable place to spend some time. Think of it as the reading lounge on the ocean liners of yore. Our maître-mots are

Read, Write, Relax. Buy, Borrow, Donate.

Bill & Rosa's Book Room has several aspects. It is first a USED BOOK SHOP and a LENDING LIBRARY. There are many novels of all genres for sale plus non-fiction, biographies, history, some poetry, cookbooks, cats, books on Paris or France, memoirs and children's books. Most books are in English, but also in French and even a few bilingual. Prices start at just 2€.

The lending library has four sections :

The Sylvie and Henry Noullet Library: novels mostly in English Bill and Rosa's Library of the American West includes novels, non-fiction and art books…
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