Useful telephone numbers

Useful telephone numbersUseful telephone numbers for France:

English speaking, emergency and helpful services.

Vocal Spam: Had enough? Make a complaint. Have you ever received an SMS from someone you don’t know who invites you to call them back urgently at a number that is costly to call (it might start with 08 or it might be a 4 digit number) or to click a link or respond by SMS to a 5 digit number? You might be alerted that you have a package or that you won something, etc. It is likely to be spam and expensive if you respond. UNlike the spam on your email you can actually report a spam sms. First transfer the message to 33700, they will respond and ask you to then sms the phone number that sent you the sms. Voilà, easy as that to report and if there are enough complaint they spammers will have their phone number cut off!

CPAM / Assurance Malade, or “Ameli” which is the French administrative body that manages healthcare has English-speaking service numbers: 36 46 or
SOS Help emotional support line in English is open from 3pm to 11pm daily. 01 46 21 46 46. Non-profit, confidential, anonymous, non-judgemental, free service.
EDF: The English-speaking customer service number for EDF is
Orange, a telecommunications provider, operates an English-speaking customer helpline available at Other telecommunication companies may also have someone who speaks English, just ask.
Useful telephone numbersEMERGENCY: You can pretty much Forget 18 or 15 or 17… remember: 112 the Europe-wide emergency number for all services. You can call this number from any telephone, even from a locked mobile. A specially trained operator will answer and transfer the call to the most appropriate emergency service. Operators in many countries can answer not only in their national language, but also in English or French. The operator can also identify where the caller is physically located and will pass it to the emergency personnel. So remember just one number: 112! (Hearing impaired: 114).

Poison control centre in Paris: 01 40 05 48 48


More useful telephone numbers

SOS Médecins – medical services at home: 36 24

SOS Vet: 01 47 46 09 09

Late night chemist/duty pharmacy: 39 15

Emergency dental services: 01 43 37 51 00

Fil santé jeunes: youth health hotline: 32 24

SOS missing children: 116 000

Child abuse: 119

SOS lost or stolen checks – CNACPV: 0 892 683 208

SOS lost or stolen bank cards. Carte Bleue/Visa/Eurocard/MasterCard (joint service): 0 892 705 705

Gas Leaks: 01 43 35 40 87

Other Useful TELEPHONE NUMBERS information:

In mainland France and Corsica, phone numbers are 10-digit numbers. Landlines start with regional codes.

  • 01: for Paris and the Ile-de-France region
  • 02: for the North-West area
  • 03: for the North-East area
  • 04: for the South-East area
  • 05: for the South-West area
  • 06 or 07: is a mobile
  • 080 is a commercial number that is free to call
  • 9 is a voice-over-internet number and costs the same to call no matter where your or they are located in France, usually for Public service: inter-departmental administrative information.
  • Note: be careful with 4 digit numbers. Those beginnng with 30 or 31 are toll-free but many others are surcharged.