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Made in FranceLaëtitia Van de Walle created Lamazuna already way back in 2010, well in advance of the current Made in France wave. It all started with the idea of being a better consumer and finding ways to consume better. She decided to stop using five disposable cotton pads and a toner to cleanse her face every day. She wanted to use ultra-soft microfibre cleansing wipes that could be reused hundreds of times. A great idea but ambitious. She then shared it with friends who all loved the idea!

Despite being a Made in France product, the name obviously does not sound French. But what is its origin? It is a Georgian name! “Lamazuna” means “pretty young woman” in Georgian.

Lamazuna currently has 47 full-time employees, who work together as a team and believe in the values and ethics of the brand.

The brand now has a whole range of solid cosmetics which means no plastic packaging, with over 20 products! There are shampoos, toothpastes and a deodorant, to name a few. They’re all made with 100% naturally derived and organic ingredients, and are 100% vegan. The Slow Cosmétique label attests to the ethical nature of the products, whether this relates to the natural formulations or the environmental choices that they make. The products also carry the Cruelty Free label, so you know for sure that they have not been tested on animals.

Made in FranceOur favorite product is the solid shampoo!

Like most people, you’ve probably accumulated a good few plastic bottles in your bathroom. But enough is enough, right? A solid shampoo makes an excellent first step towards a zero-waste lifestyle. It enables you to cut down on plastic bottles and avoid harmful ingredients in your hair. My favorite one is the one for normal hair with a very pine fresh fragrance!

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Made in FranceC’Juste is an alternative and solidarity-based fruit and vegetable distribution network. They are present in 5 markets in the Parisian suburbs and have 6 stores in the 6th, 9th, 11th, 17th, 18th and 20th district! They also have a pop-up store in the 10th.

The great story of C’juste began 6 years ago, when Pierre Priolet, a small farmer from the South of France, managed to convince 2 entrepreneurs to join him in a crazy adventure to react against the diktats of mass distribution. The idea was to work with small and medium-sized farms to offer Parisians ultra fresh, tasty, seasonal products, at very reasonable price. Something that was rare in Paris!! 

Made in FranceThe fruits and vegetables arrive every morning in small quantities. One specificity about C’Juste is that they show the price they paid for the vegetables and fruits above the actual price you pay as a customer so it’s completely transparent! The name C’Juste is a clear statement that it is fair for everyone, the farmer, the food retailer and the customer! 

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Made in FranceLilo is a French search engine which finances the project of your choice with the money generated through advertising. The name means « Generous » in Hawaiian and it certainly is a good fit! Even services can be Made in France.

We all know what a search engine is. And we’re pretty sure you use one most days when you’re looking for information on the internet. What you might not know is that your searches generate money through advertising. Meaning search engines make a lot of money every year, just from you looking up the news or searching for the latest pasta recipe. Globally, search engine advertising revenue is well over €98 billion every year. That’s a lot of cash.

So imagine a search engine that uses this money to fund social and environmental projects. That lets you decide where the money you generate with advertising goes. That allows you to support projects you care about simply through your searches. Wouldn’t that be brilliant? Well it exists! 50% of the revenue generated by internet searches on Lilo is redistributed to the projects they support. The other 50% is used for running, improving and maintaining of Lilo so that they can continue to provide the best search results for their users. Since starting Lilo, they have donated €2.8 million to projects all over the world. And this is only the beginning…

They also make sure they provide the same quality results as other search engines! They don’t compromise on results relevance and use the same algorithms as the largest search engines. Another important point is that with Lilo, your searches are never sold or spied on.

You can add Lilo to your browser today! They also have a great FAQ on their website if there is anything you need to do before taking the plunge!