ECU Film Festival 8-10 April, 2022

ECU Film Festival in Paris

ECU Film Festival offers the European cinema-loving public much more than a full program of quality and riveting independent films. Every year, the festival provides a unique, inspiring and interactive experience that all attendees are encouraged to partake in. Whether it is workshops taught by industry professionals, in-depth discussions with “Official Selection” directors in the Q&As that follow every screening session or other various events – there is something for everyone to enjoy.

ECU Film Festival’s “Official Selection” films are original and represent the best quality, creativity and innovation within the independent film industry. This level of excellence has helped to create a well-respected film festival whose focus is to discover fresh and cutting-edge filmmaking talent. This dedicated search goes beyond Europe: it is a global hunt for those that foster the ÉCU mission. ÉCU in past years had a total of 802 films submitted from 91 countries. 87 films qualified for the 2020 “Official Selection” and represented 27 countries. Films competed for 25 awards, including the festival’s most prestigious award: “Best European Independent Film” and 2022 is expected to be brighter, bigger and more creative than ever.

“At last Europe has an answer to Sundance. This is about the opposite spectrum. ÉCU is all about independent work – it is not about making your film in big studios. These are concepts that would never be tried outside of independent film-making and these are the things that I keep experiencing here every year and that is what sparks me about it – such unusual projects.”

–Alan Arrivée, Director of SILENT RADIO, THE ORIGINAL IQ TESTER and ÉCU Jury Member

The European Independent Film Festival is proud to announce ÉCU’s 2022 Official Selection for its 17th edition which will take place from the 8th, 9th and 10th of April 2022 in Paris, France.
After last year’s hugely successful ‘ÉCU 2021 Live’, where the festival was digitally streamed for three days, this year we intend to host ÉCU in our usual Parisian cinema, as well as streaming the Official Selection via a private and secure streaming platform. ÉCU 2022 will showcase 58 films from 26 countries and they will compete for 25 awards. The films range from features, shorts, documentaries and animations, to student films and experimental works. The festival’s top award “Europe’s Best Independent Film 2022” will be presented, along with the rest of the awards, at ÉCU’s award ceremony on Sunday, the 10th of April, 2022.
Some highlights from the ÉCU 2022 Official Selection include:
THE LETTER ROOM (dir. Elvira Lind, United States). Non-European Dramatic Short Category. When a kind-hearted prison officer (Oscar Isaac) is transferred to the letter room, he soon gets involved in an inmate’s personal affairs.
MEANDER (dir. Sam Geyskens, Vincent Everaerts & Lander Haverals, Belgium). European Documentary Category. When Valerie calls her son Charly to inform him of her recent relapse and last suicide attempt, their relationship is put on tenterhooks. Charly still can’t seem to cut ties with Valerie, and Valerie realises that she must fight an uphill battle with addiction to save what’s left of her family ties.
SOUL OF A BEAST (dir. Lorenz Merz, Switzerland). European Dramatic Feature Category. Young father Gabriel takes care alone of his son. When he falls in love with the enigmatic Corey, a state of emergency is declared – wild animals are on the run and life becomes utterly existential.
SIX THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND 80 DAYS (dir. Ran Slavin, Israel) Experimental Category. A dystopian reality is examined from the perspective of a future time that crashes into the present moment as a reflection of a space infected with a deadly virus. For a 18 year old Hong Konger who’s voice is only heard, the ordinary world is a distant utopian dream that comes from a series of imagined flashbacks.
“It’s festivals like this that raise the profile of independent filmmakers like us. Scott Hillier and the whole ECU team are fierce film warriors, and they care so much for independent film. The cast and crew of AL-SIT are extremely grateful for this amazing festival! » says independent filmmaker, Suzannah Mirghani winner of Excellence in Women’s Filmmaking at ÉCU 2021.
As we stay true to ÉCU’s commitment to acknowledging the participation of female directors at the festival, ÉCU will be presenting the « Excellence in Women’s Filmmaking » award for the eighth consecutive year, as well as conducting the #SHESHOOTS discussion panel, where female directors in competition at ÉCU share their filmmaking experiences.
In addition to the screening, ÉCU will be hosting Workshops / Masterclasses as well as online Q&A sessions which allow the audience to interact with the competing filmmakers.