Moving in France?

This article is about moving WITHIN France, if you are moving TO France see our other article.

If you’re moving from Briaire to Le Falgoux or Limoges to Salers or some other place change within France a very practical website offered by the French Public Service allows you to officially update your address with public service and administrations when you’re moving in France. In one fell swoop and a few clicks you can inform the EDF, vehicle registration, tax, social security, carte vitale, retirement, unemployment offices and other administrations of your new address.

Moving in France

Plus this form works not just for moving in France and your physical address but also for updating:

  • email address,
  • landline phone number,
  • mobile phone number

They call this service The Teleservice of Service Public.

You’ll need certain ID numbers (client numbers, social security number, carte grise…) to complete all the info required on the form. Check on the site first then gather the necessary from your bills or ID cards. Start by looking at the first few pages of the form here. It is possible to save your work and come back to it as well once you have found that piece of missing information. The only drawback, but not insurmountable we hope, is that it is uniquely in French.

The Service Public (public services and information) website is a wealth of information about various administrations. Look here to see if you can find what you need.

Moving in France