Employment in France: French English glossary

Employment in France French English glossary:

Here are some of the terms you’ll come across while looking for employment in France, interviewing and being hired.

Elements of a CV (read more about the CV in this article):

Nom de famille – last name
Prénom – Given or first name
Situation de famille –  Marital status, as well as number and age of children

célibataire – single
marié(e) – married
divorcé(e) – divorced
pacsé(e) – civil union
veuf (veuve) – widowed

Language skills

Notions  – basic or elementary knowledge
Maîtrise convenable, Bonnes connaissances – Conversant
Lu, écrit, parlé – Proficient
Courant – Fluent
Bilingue – Bilingual
Langue maternelle – Native language (often written EMT = English mother tongue)

Centres d’intérêt, Passe-temps, Loisirs, Activités personnelles/extra-professionnelles – Interests, Pastimes, Leisure Activities, Hobbies

Acompte sur salaire – Pay advance
Augmentation – A raise
Arrêt maladie – Sick leave

Candidature spontanée – Cold Call or spontaneous application. Application for a position for which there there is no advertisement made
CDD – Contrat à durée déterminée – Fixed-term contract where the ending date is known in advance often used for temporary replacements like maternity leave and for project specific contracts..
CDI – Contrat à durée indéterminée – Long-term contract with no specific ending date.
Compte personnel de formation – an account on which each salaried employee accumulates credit towards job training. For more glossary terms regarding job training see this link
Congé payé – Paid vacation time
Convention de stage – Contract regulating internships, often involving the school which requires the internship
CV anonyme – A resumé without personal details, such as name, age, cities or other information that reveals the origins of the person presented
CV chronologique – A resumé or CV presenting employment in reverse chronological order.
CV fonctionnel – A resumé or CV emphasizing a career path and achievements and groups them thematically – by field of experience or sector of activity.

Démission – resignation
DRH, Directeur des Ressources Humaines – HR, Human Resources

Embauche – Hiring
Entretien d’embauche  – Job interview

Intérim – Temporary work or Temp

Lettre de motivation – Cover letter or letter of interest
Licenciement – Firing, Dismissal

Mobilité interne – Internal promotion
Mutuelle – supplmental health insurance

Période d’essai – Trial period, the length of which is fixed in the contract and during which both the employer and the employee can part ways without formality
Permis de Travail – Work papers, see our article about various types of Work papers or visas
Postuler – To apply
Préavis – Advance notice

Recrutement – Receiving applications

SMIC, Salaire minimum interprofessionel de croissance – Minimum wage
Stage – Internship

Temps partiel – Part-time

Here’s a list of formulae for French business letters