Quintessential French Objects

In nearly every French household you’ll find quintessential French Objects…

French Objects

Watercolors by Lisa Vanden Bos

French Objects #1 DURALEX
The invention of nearly indestructible tempered glassware in 1947 revolutionized tables in homes, schools, bars, hospitals and on boats. Even stacked tall in the cafeteria or high in the cupboard at home, Duralex (the name is a contraction of Dura lex sed lex) keeps those with butterfingers from being scolded. Kinds in the school cafeteria always check the mold number on the bottom of the glass – he or she who has the lowest number that day has to help clear the tables! The cult models, Gigogne and Picardie, have been seen in movies, used in sculptures and are popular in hip casual restaurants. Purchase Duralex limited edition glasses here 


French Objects

French Objects #2 SYNTHOL
The French family’s solution to bobos – the bumps, bruises, bites and scratches of everyday life. The amber magic potion always makes you feel better no matter the ailment. In 2014 the product was taken off the market and les mamans missed it so much they created a Facebook page called “syntholforever” to convince the manufacturers to bring it back. To everyone’s relief Synthol returned to the pharmacies in 2016 and mothers breathed a sigh of relief.

French Objects

French Objects #3 LU cookies
Louis Lefèvre-Utile’s parents made sea biscuits in Nantes. Louis discovered the cookie press in 1886 in Great Britain. LU cookies were born and named with the family initials. It was, and still is, a simple recipe of milk, salted butter, wheat flour and cane sugar. The LU cookie and a glass of milk has been the after school snack for French children every since. Sarah Bernhardt was one of the brand ambassadors and she invented the slogan « I find nothing better than a « petit LU »… ah wait, yes… two « Petits Lus ». Then, as now, you start by first nibbling off the corners!

French ObjectsFrench Objects # 4 SOPHIE LA GIRAFE
If there is a baby in the house there will be a Sophie! This giraffe was born on the day of Saint Sophie in 1961. She was the first non-farm animal toy created. She is made of 100% natural rubber and is the perfect size and shape for baby’s hands (and gums). She smells, tastes and feels good too! The liquid latex is molded, then shaped and colored by hand. Over 50 million Sophies sold! Official site

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What other quintessential French Objects can you think of?


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