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Here are 2 horse puzzles, games based on Horses that we put together for the kids next door to whom we were « teaching » English over the garden wall during confinement. I stood up on a ladder to see over the top and they were in their front court. It was pretty funny to see. They enjoyed having some authentic conversation although they had trouble with my « odd » US accent as opposed to the British one they hear in school. It was a welcome distraction for us all. It was tricky to select a « program » as there are 3 girls ages 10 to 17 to entertain and challenge. They have such different levels of English amongst themselves and of course there is the age difference between them and me in terms of knowledge and pop culture. But I figured out that they like to ride horses. So one lesson was centered on horses and their « homework », sent by paper airplane over the wall, was these two puzzles and this nicely done worksheet which includes word searches and lots of horse vocabulary that I found online.

First is a Speak Easy horse puzzle called Horseplay where the object is to match the English phrase with the French one. The answers are at the bottom. This puzzle is extracted from our book of Speak Easy Puzzles volume 1. The book contains many more themed puzzles on idiomatic expressions, is available on and costs just 9€.

horse puzzles

The second of the horse puzzles is to match the horse’s name (mostly English, American and French famous horses) to the claim to fame or their partner rider in the other column. Some are historical, others fictional, others are sport champions. How many do you know?

Did you enjoy these puzzles? Here are several other Speak Easy puzzles form the FUSAC site.

19 avril 2020 16 h 11 min

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