Stephen Clarke, Interview with a Paris author

If you are an expat in Paris (or not!) you must know the adventures of Paul West, The hero of "A Year in the Merde" and its sequels depicting French lifestyle from his personal perspective as an English man. The books became incredibly famous as many people could relate to the story. Who never had problems adapting to a new country? The language, the workplace, meeting people... many subjects tackled in the books with a great sense of humour. As a French girl, I was very amused by those books. Even if Stephen Clarke gently points out some of our weird traits, it is obvious that deep down he really loves France. As a matter of fact, I found out he now lives in France! I spent a few years in London and I often thought that English people loved to hate the French! If there is a football match in a pub between France and England you will definitely hear a lot of jokes about the French but just like Stephen Clarke, you can also tell it is playful (most of the time!). It is a neve…
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Interview with Lisa Vanden Bos of FUSAC

by Janet Skeslien-Charles

When you come to Paris and you want a job, an apartment, or a date, the best place to look is FUSAC, which is available in print and online. After living in Paris for over ten years (and no longer in need of a job, apartment or date), I still pick up FUSAC every month to check out the gorgeous photos and book reviews. I feel very lucky to interview Lisa Vanden Bos, one of the founders of the magazine. Like me, she spends time in Paris and Montana. Here, we talk about the challenges and rewards of working in France.

JSK: What brought you to Paris? What keeps you here?

Lisa Vanden Bos: Like so many I was a student then returned and stayed for love… my not-yet-husband John had set up here, he was starting a business on a wing and a prayer or more literally a bicycle and friend’s computer, an idea he named FUSAC (France-USA Contacts originally). I s…

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