French Acronyms

French Acronyms are an invasive species! But an integral part of the French language.

Can you decipher this text full of usual French Acronyms?

french acronyms

Marie-France, a French lady, citizen of the RF, lives in IdF. She commutes daily via the RER, STIF and the RATP to the center of Paris where she runs a PME SARL. She learned her business acumen at INSEAD. She deals daily with TVA, PVs, CFE, CVAE, the CNIL, the RGPD, but luckily she doesn’t miss deadlines and thus does not receive many LRAR.

When she goes on vacation to PACA, her favorite region, she takes the SNCF, a TGV or TER. She dreams of visiting the TAAF, as well as the DROM-COM to walk the famous GR on Ile de la Réunion. To get there she’ll fly from one of the ADP, probably CDG. She plays the FDJ lottery and the PMU once in a while hoping to win big to finance her trip. She also has a PEL and a PEA to save money. She shops at the FNAC or the BHV where she pays with her CB.

M-F and her mate Jean-François are PACSé. He works for a GAFAM. J-F roots for the PSG and really gets excited when they play their rival the OM.

Both M-F and J-F listen to RFI and read FUSAC and LOOFE. They watch the JT each evening on either TF1 or FR2. They love contemporary art and so visit the FIAC every year and go to exhibitions at the RMN-GP or the MAD.

M-F’s mother, who is well on in years, unfortunately had an AVC and now lives in an EHPAD. She no longer reads the JDD thus is not up on the news and the latest debates between the MEDEF, CGT and FO or LaREM, RN, PS or LR. She knows that since she paid the CSG and other payroll charges all her life the URSSAF will take care of her medical bills since she is registered with the CPAM. Her DMP shares information to all her different doctors. When she needs to go to the CHU for an IRM or ECG she rides in a SAMU, but hopefully not a SMUR.

M-F and J-F’s son, Frédéric, works for the GIGN. That’s quite a dangerous job and he is highly trained. He had experience as a CRS too. A classmate that he’s known since CE got his CAPES and now is a teacher of ESL and SVT in a ZEP. Both ate frequently at the CROUS in between TDs and CMs when they studied for their DEUG and used the CAF to pay rent. They still send each other frequent SMS saying MDR about their favorite BDs.

Daughter, Frédérique, is a ZADist. She is involved with many causes and especially supports IVG, PMA and the SPA. Professionally she has a BTS and is an assistant to a researcher at the CNES, where she’s happy to have a CDI now after a short CDD at the INSEE.

The family home is hooked up to the EDF and the GDF. When the power is HS they call the SAV. Once it is fixed there’s RAS. Paying the bi-monthly bill is easy as they provided their IBAN, previously known as a RIB for direct debit. Soon they hope to reduce their utility bills now that the CEE will help them insulate. Their house is equipped with a VMC for fresh air. Their insurance is covered by la MAAF. Their family pet is a NAC named Héri. Starting in 2019 they pay their IR by PAS to the FP.

They are a generous family and give each year to various ONG that help SDF, those with low incomes who live in HLMs and those with HIV.

If you understood 90% of this text your name must be Marianne and you are an expert in French acronyms!


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