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Critical midterm elections are coming up in the US in November – and all US citizens over 18 can vote! Get your ballot NOW at

DID YOU KNOW? That Americans abroad can vote in US elections — even if we have been outside the US for a very long time, or no longer maintain a residence there, we retain the right to vote based on the state where we last lived. This right to vote from abroad is protected by Federal law (the Uniformed and Overseas Civilian Voting Rights Act, or UOCAVA), which ensures that we can register/request a ballot, that we will be sent our ballots no later than 45 days before an election, and that we can vote an emergency backup ballot, called the FWAB (Federal Write in Absentee Ballot), among other provisions.

To ensure our right to vote is protected however, we must send in a special form called an FPCA (Federal Post Card Application) every calendar year we wish to vote in. This one form, intended for overseas voters, serves both as a voter registration form and also to request a ballot. If you have not sent this form in yet this year, do it NOW! Go to and follow directions to fill out your FPCA form, and then return it to your local election officials. (TIP: Ask to receive your ballot by EMAIL/ONLINE if you want to be sure to get it as quickly as possible!) On these sites you can also look up the contact information for your local election officials, as well as relevant deadlines for your state.

Don’t delay in requesting your ballot! We encourage all Americans abroad to make sure they send in their FPCA very early, to make sure you are registered and ready to vote in the critical midterm elections taking place this November.

Need help? Contact or call 0-OH GOD VOTE (06 44 63 86 83) if you have any questions.
Thank you for voting in US elections!