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Thinking about buying a house in France?

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Thinking about buying a house in France?

In her book La Maison Bleu, author Marion TD Lewis chronicles her experience with trying to purchase property in France as a foreigner.

The book is available exclusively on Amazon in Kindle, paperback and hardcover.

La Maison Bleu: The Year I spent trying to buy a French country house in Normandy, France.

386 pages. Kindle Edition
by Marion T.D. Lewis (Author) Format: Kindle Edition
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An American expat who lives near Paris sets out to find and buy a French Country Farmhouse in Normandy, France. She is near penniless and has almost no French language skills, or DIY renovation skills. Yet she fantasizes about buying a fixer upper in Normandy and restoring it to it’s original splendor where she could display her French interior design and French interior décor skills. If she succeeds, she will be a first-time home buyer, and the house will be an investment in her retirement. In her imagination, French country house will be a haven where she could spend her life decorating with beautiful French antiques and creating a beautiful French interior that rivals Versailles. She even plans to name one of the rooms after Marie Antoinette. But things do not unfold as she imagined they would and the process of buying real estate in France ultimately proves to be a labyrinth of unexpected twists and turns with banks, courtiers, real estate agents, notaires, reluctant sellers, and electricians. Is buying this house a good idea after all?

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