Diction Coach Special offer 50% off

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Rue: 2, rue de la Closerie
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Ville: Noisy le Grand
Pays: France

English Diction Coach Special offer 50% off in August.

Simply the best way to learn how to pronounce English words that begin or end with the letters “Th”

This, That, These, Those, Them, Think, Thought, Three, Throw, Thanks
With, Faith, Filth, Tooth, Teeth, Keith, Heath, Sheath, Beneath, Health, Wealth

Easy & FUN exercises for adults & children with guaranteed results! Great for Concierges de l’hôtel; Public speakers; Marketing / Sales Directors; Singers; Actors & Actresses; TV & film sets; A/V & VO / Doublage Studios; Theatres; Bloggers; Tour Guides that want to improve their English skills for their English speaking groups.

Classes available on Zoom & Google Meet.

Attractive rates!

Pete 06 07 66 55 09 / fantasticpete@orange.fr