Editorial Director

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Rue: 99 rue du faubourg Saint-Martin
Code Postal: 75010
Ville: Paris
Pays: France
Telephone: 01 43 38 90 20

About WordAppeal

Championing Positive Ideas™: that’s what we have been doing since 2000. We believe today it is crucial for companies to return to the roots of their entrepreneurial project and to highlight how they contribute positively to society at large. We help them achieve this goal through the power of words, image, digital and events.

Founded in 2000 by two former journalists from The Economist and a business management consultant (Charles River Associates, Boston), Pelham Media Ltd. advises 24 members of the CAC 40 with its five agencies – Pelham Media, WordAppeal, L’Eclaireur, KCO and Alto International.

In 2021, the group achieved a turnover of 16 million euros. WordAppeal is a member of the Institut Montaigne.

WordAppeal is the group’s premium content agency and the French leader in this sector. The agency works with clients including Air France, BNP Paribas, Capgemini, Carrefour, Edenred, LVMH, Pernod Ricard, Salesforce, Thales, TotalEnergies, Valeo, etc.

In January 2016, Pelham Media Ltd joined the group Les Echos.- Le Parisien.

Job specification

A true pillar of our agency, this role has three main functions:

1) Guaranteeing excellent editorial standards

• Editorial advice and design: defining the message and language elements for our clients by formalising the editorial line, structuring our deliverables and overseeing the editorial format, etc. You will need to guarantee that our clients’ field of work is fully understood, as well as all questions relating to this.

• Editorial quality: guaranteeing the quality of our client deliverables and maintaining high standards. You will ensure that our content is completed properly as well as providing digital/print support for formats including annual reports, integrated reports, .coms and social media. You will come up with the concept and production strategy for content and solutions, monitor performance and make suggestions for optimization.

• Finger on the pulse: constantly looking out for new trends, identifying good practices and innovations in the field of editorial communication, as well as creating new formats to offer.

2) Overseeing projects and managing teams

• Overseeing production: soliciting and co-ordinating internal resources (editorial, video, creative, development, UX/UI) and external resources (editors, writers, translators); while ensuring the financial profitability of these projects and respecting deadlines. You will need to identify problems and find solutions for them.

• Managing the team: directing team members so that they can fulfil their objectives; forming and developing the team’s skills; participating in the recruitment of new team members.

3)Developing opportunities

• Client relationships: you will build solid relationships with representatives of your clients and with the agency’s many partners. You will ensure that clients receive all relevant communications regarding the agency and its development.

• Business development: ensuring the visibility and the development of the editorial services offered by our business; responding to proposals in this area (elaborating on strategic recommendations and making presentations to clients). You will develop a portfolio of clients

• Extending our offer: ready to listen to your clients, you will identify opportunities, enlarging the field of what is possible in terms of formatting content (computer graphics, videos, innovative content, etc.) as well as actively looking for areas of development. You will oversee the marketing of changes to our editorial offer.

Knowledge, skills and experiences

Previous experience required (you need to have at least 5 years relevant work experience), giving you sufficient legitimacy with clients and with your team members.

We are looking for a candidate with exceptional writing skills and a good level of creativity, who is able to give constructive criticism as well as having an eye for detail and good interpersonal skills. We are also looking for a candidate who is passionate about editorial communication, with a real interest in big businesses.

For this multi-purpose role, which requires imagination and rigour, we are looking for a dynamic and ambitious candidate, with a great capacity for creativity as well as an inclusive and breezy spirit.


Required skills: exceptional editorial abilities (English native speaker).

Leadership, good interpersonal skills and rigour.

Fluent French.


Successful experience as an Editor-In-Chief or as an Editorial Director in a communication or advertising agency, for a newspaper, in a publishing house, etc.

Please send your CV and cover letter to recrutement@wordappeal.com.