The French I Wish I had learned in French Class

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Code Postal: 75
Ville: Paris
Pays: France
As a former frustrated French student turned teacher, I have compiled an A to Z course including all the shortcuts to textbook French, and all the strategies for street French I learned from my Parisian ex-boyfriend. Long story short: I get you, and I get French.
I’ve argued with Parisian servers when they tell me “c’est pas possible” to substitute broccoli for french fries – when they’re both on the menu. I’ve flirted with “straight” guys in raves in the Parisian suburbs near Charles de Gaulle. I’ve even bought all the dusty grammar books you’ve probably considered buying and spent all the hours searching for one, just one that was down-to-earth, witty, and funny, and that called French out where it was doin’ the most. How can I speak French, but still sound like “me?”
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