English Books Paris: New at Bill & Rosa’s Book Room

Each week in the Book Room online, we recommend newly published English books that we love. This week we are featuring the theme of Cathedrals with books from the Book Room.

Come join us at The Book Room on 15 January at 16h for a casual discussion in English of the building and development of cathedrals. We'll base our conversation on The Pillars of the Earth, but it is not necessary to have read the book to participate. Please sign up via brbookroom@gmail.com

The principle of Gothic architecture is infinity made imaginable. When we build, let us think we build forever.

--Samuel Taylor Coleridge

THE PILLARS OF THE EARTHThe Pillars of the Earth is a historical novel by Ken Follett published in 1989 about the building of a cathedral in the fictional town of Kingsbridge, England. Set in the 12th century, the novel covers the time between the sinking of the White Ship and the murder of Thomas Becke…

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Why is it called? Part 3: Foods

Why is it called? Part 3: Foods Have you ever asked yourself why something is called by a particular name? Why are certain mushrooms called champignons de Paris? How do foods get named? There is often a story. Here is a short list of someFrench foods or dishes that are well-known in the Paris area and how they got their names. We invite readers to add their own favorites or ask about other foods for which they would like to know the origin in the comments. Champignons de Paris The first mushrooms in France were grown in 1670 by Jean de La Quintinie, gardener to Louis XIV. (You may still visit the King's garden in Versailles, it's called the Potager du Roi and it is a fascinating history of gardening and early techniques.) Under Napoleon I, mushrooms were grown in Paris in areas protected from sunlight, notably in the catacombs. Later in the XIXth century the majority of former quarries and grottos under Paris, which had the perfect constant temperature of 17°C were used to c…
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Christmas in Paris – oh the lights!

Each year business associations get together with town halls to illuminate our holiday season evenings. A large portion of the budget comes from the businesses on the illuminated streets. On rue de Sevrès and Saint Placide this is quite clear as the names of the businesses are actually suspended in luminous red letters as part of the decoration. Most of the other displays however are simply for the beauty of the lights and the gaiety that they provide to shopping areas. Nearly all are done with LED technology to keep costs and energy use to a minimum. There are about 100 streets and many monuments which are illuminated in Paris. The lights will be on through the first week in January. Here’s a few of our favorite displays. Christmas in Paris Light Trails Lumières en Seine One of two new light display this year comes to Paris from Germany. It's a new concept called a light trail or Christmas garden. It's titled Lumières en Seine and is on display every night at the Parc de …
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A Bon Speak Easy is a good Speak Easy

A Bon Speak Easy Why make a bon Speak Easy? One of the most used words in French must be bon. It is used is wish everyone a good day, week, weekend, trip, courage, luck and more. It also has a negative meaning at times. This puzzle includes as many bon phrases as we could find while not repeating the ones we all know from the get go such as bonjour, bon anniversaire, bonbon. I once heard a server in a restaurant wish someone a bon début de fin de soirée. And just yesterday was reminded of another good "bon" phrase when an exasperated mother said "bon sang!" to her kids. Post your translation of bon sang in the comments below this article. The best translation will win a copy of Volume 3 (from which this puzzle is extracted) of the Speak Easy Puzzles book (contest ends 31/12/2021). Bon Speak Easy! This puzzle is included in the new Speak Easy book. Volume 3 is now available with fifty new puzzles to challenge your French and English. Copies may be purchased at the FUSAC …
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Les Livres français au English Book Room

Comme Bill & Rosa's English Book Room est en France nous mettons en avance parfois des livres qui nous plaisent en français. Voici une belle brochette de romans bestseller et lauréants des prix qui se passent aux USA et proposent des différentes facettes du pays. ICI N’EST PLUS ICI « Être indien en Amérique n’a jamais consisté à retrouver notre terre. Notre terre est partout ou nulle part. » À Oakland, dans la baie de San Francisco, les Indiens ne vivent pas sur une réserve mais dans un univers façonné par la rue et par la pauvreté, où chacun porte les traces d’une histoire douloureuse. Pourtant, tous les membres de cette communauté disparate tiennent à célébrer la beauté d’une culture que l’Amérique a bien failli engloutir. À l’occasion d’un grand pow-wow, douze personnages, hommes et femmes, jeunes et moins jeunes, vont voir leurs destins se lier. Ensemble, ils vont faire l’expérience de la violence et de la destruction, comme leurs ancêtres tant de fois avant eux. D…
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Laughter in France

Laughter is the best medicine they say. Reflections on laughter in France, the land of La Vache qui rit! La Vache, by the way, has her own maison and museum in Lons-le-Saunier and she just celebrated 100 years in 2021.

The city of Bordeaux seems to be the center of laughter in France

One might say Bordeaux likes to laugh more than elsewhere in France. The city is host to the Festival Les Fous Rires de Bordeaux 19-27 March 2022 http://lesfousriresdebordeaux.fr/ and even presented an exhibition "Rire!" at their science and nature Muséum. But Bordeaux doesn't own the market there are many other spots are also holding festivals in 2021-2022, for some funny reason most are in March!

Festival d'Humour de Paris https://festivaldhumourdeparis.com/ Le Printemps du Rire in Toulouse 11 March - 10 April https://leprintempsdurire.com/ Festival Mont-Blanc d'Humour https://www.saintgervais.com/activites-et-evenements/les-grands-evenemen…
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